Some selected testimonies and feedback of visitors of ACMC have been briefly recorded and shown as follows:

  1. Mr. T. Mangpu Guite of Beijing, Churachandpur visited ACMC on 19-03-1997 (Wednesday). After going through the pictures and museum materials, he went in for a counseling session, wherein he repented of his sins and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour.

  1. Mr. Laltinmang Lhouvum, a deaf-man from Motbung village visited ACMC on 09-04-2000. He wrote of his new-found life of faith in the visitor’s feedback records as ” I’ve repented for my sins, accepted Jesus as my saviour.

  1. Mrs. Memcha Devi, a Hindu woman from Meitei Community visited ACMC on 10-01-1997. After listening to the explanation of the visual pictures of heaven and hell, the touch of God felt upon her and she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal saviour she became the foremost fruit of ACMC among the Hindus. Being a faithful witness, She also brought her husband, two children, and many others to the Lord too. Praise God.

  1. Mrs. Thoibi of Tuibuong Meetei Leikai, a Hindu woman visited ACMC on 17-08-1999 After going through the pictures and their explanation, She wrote in the feedback record “I don’t want to go to hell.”

  1. Mr. Khaijem, a follower of Judaism visited ACMC and after going through the pictures and having heard the lectures, he was drawn to Christ, after going through the counseling session, he gave his life to Christ. So, he wrote, ” Today, I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.”

  1. A Hindu visitor, who wanted to remain anonymous left a comment in the feedback record in the following words, ” An impressive idea about life and God is explained. The pictures give information about life after death. I had never acquired such an idea of teaching. Life is a journey to God. Let this project continue extending good news to all and forever”.

  1. Mr. Helien Sitlhou, was a Kuki- Underground activist, a soldier who actively participated in various activities of his organization till he received Christ through the ACMC ministry in September 1998. God in his mercy led Helien not only to repentance but to his service also. Presently God made him an evangelist and work the Thadou Baptist Association base in Keithelmanbi Church. He is now an active soldier of the cross for Christ.

  1. Mr. Letkholun Baite, a young man tormented by sleeplessness and restlessness, who was tormented so much that he would consider suicide as an escape route was brought to ACMC by his own brother. God in his mercy gave grace to Letkholun through the servants of God at ACMC. There he repented and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. It was the year 1999. He was delivered from his illness too. Thereafter, he finished his graduation with ease from the peace his Saviour gave him. He then went for theological studies and now is serving his saviour, fulltime in the Friends Missionary Prayer Band (FMPB) as a missionary. God can calm the storms of your restless soul.