Welcome to Agape International Fasting Prayer Mountain!

Warm greetings to you and we really appreciate for your interest in this project (Agape International Fasting Prayer Mountain), a project of Agape Museum. The propose site is at its prime location facing full view of Loktak Lake and surrounded by a mighty mountain and its lustrous greenery. It is set aside for God’s people to pray for his anointment and favour to come upon the life of many, when the generation in its greatest need for prayer. Agape International Fasting Prayer Mountain is a place for all irrespective of cast and culture to come fast and pray with a special provision designed for free transportation in vicinity of 60KM and a lodging to start with. 

As Jesus separated himself to pray, he went up to the mountain and we too need a place to gate away to pray and fast. It is indeed, a wonderful privilege and a blessing that the founding president of Agape International Fasting Prayer Mountain Rev. Dr. Lhunkhohao Haokip donated 200 acres of his large ancestral land for God’s glory for the cause to set for preaching gospel every day, building a prayer mountain to accommodate thousands of people a day to pray with world class facilities in general. As of today, our team of spiritual heroes, Pastors, Evangelist and prayer volunteers who have stood the test of time and have given their lives to preach the gospel are praying with firm believed in touching the heaven from their knees. 

Thank you for your time. If you would like to get involved and be a part of, we welcome you. We covet your prayers, and if you would like to give a monthly gift, offerings and tithes, together we can make the difference for God’s glory and to win souls for Jesus Christ.

Luke 6:12(NIV): “One of those days Jesus went out to a mountain side to pray, and spent the night praying to God”.