For 13 long years, ACMC had been ministering to the spiritual needs of the people by organizing visual displays, personal counsellings and fasting prayers in a small rented room. As a member of new believers and received believers increase, accommodation of these grateful people who came for prayer and sharing becomes a matter of concern for ACMC. The small rented accommodation became a sort of hindrance for the workers to witness effectively to the visitors of the museum. So, the founder of ACMC and his staff had been praying for a separate, permanent and adequate place to base the ministry of ACMC. In His own good pleasure, God has granted a beautiful place to begin the work of the construction of ACMC building.

The proposed building is a three-story building which will make for enough space to display pictures, illustrations, photographs and samples of thing related to the Christian values and the Holy land. The ACMC building also will accommodate certain relics and historical items of the local tribals and surrounding local folks for use in future research works and soul-winning purposes.

The ACMC building will have a separate room for prayer, counseling, and conference too.

At present, the ACMC, which is carried out in a rented small accommodation opens from 9:00 am till 4:00 pm up till date (i.e 15th September 2010) ACMC has got 40,271 visitors, out of which 5,739 received spiritual counseling from the center (as per record) ACMC maintained.

ACMC has been invited to open a branch at different quarters especially in the unreached areas. However, these projects had to come after the completion of the head office or the main building. So, it is our heartfelt plea that God will help us complete the construction of the ACMC building sooner.

Therefore, as in I Samuel 10:26 and valiant men went with him, whose hearts God had touched” and in Exodus 36:2 “….Everyone whose heart was stirred, to come and do the work.”

If God stirred your heart and burdened you to work for his kingdom, here is an opportunity for you to earnestly pray and share in this undertaking to your heart’s content.

For your kind information, there are about 500 museums in India, and ACMC is the only Museum that wins souls for Christ.

  1. You can donate your contribution of any amount as the Lord leads you to build ACMC building for the cause of the lost – souls. Those who donate Rs. 1000/- and above will be honour by displaying their names in a room mean for displaying names of donors as the Bible says in St. John 12: 26 “If any man serve me, he will my Father honour”
  2. You can donate a contribution of 2 lac – 3lac or more (Smaller room) and 4 lac-5lac or more (bigger room) in memory of your (relative/dear ones/in your own name)